Legal services

Everyone may need the help of a lawyer, especially if it is a large enterprise or PE. There are a large number of organizations in Belarus that regularly seek assistance from audit centres. Due to this format of conducting the main financial and economic areas of business, jur. a person receives a fully experienced employee to solve any list of tasks, while saving money for the maintenance of a full-time specialist. «GrandPerfid» company is professional support and service of organizations, which will allow you to effectively conduct business within the framework of the existing law of RB.

Legal services in Belarus

The owner of the company is constantly faced with legal rules that should be strictly observed. Whether it is signing a contract with the parties, preparing an accounting or tax report, reorganizing the production - all this requires a competent legal assessment and analysis. Even if there is a specialist in the staff, there are always risks of making mistakes in the completion of documentation or missing the specifics of a particular contract, which will ultimately lead to unfortunate consequences and even administrative punishment of the head.

The observance of the law in Belarus is assisted by highly qualified lawyers whose main activity is to serve enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. Major outsourcing services include the following:

  • Legal advice on taxation, competent accounting, profit optimization and improvement of the personnel system of the organization;
  • Documentation: preparation of contracts and other records, drafting of acts, written claims and appeals;
  • Registration, liquidation and reorganization of enterprises «turnkey»;
  • Amendment of the company’s charter;
  • Collection of accounts receivable;
  • Certification of goods;
  • Subscriber service, within which the client can order a list of the most relevant for business optimization services.

This is far from the whole range of works that the company needs. Depending on training and technical capacity, each audit centre seeks to offer its own service to the organization. «GrandPerfide» offers the most complete list of services for efficient business. Our staff includes representatives from different branches of Belarusian law, so the project will be accompanied by a team of several specialists who have a lot of experience in solving your specific tasks. The main principles of our work are clear achievement of the goal, honesty and openness to the client, as well as high quality of service.

Cost of legal services in RB

In Belarus there is tariffication of services of organizations that provide service and support of business. In the case of private lawyers, there are also certain tariffs that allow to restrain the price increase and to form decent offers for each client. The cost for the performance of accounting or tax reporting, personnel work and management of major business processes is formed based on several factors:

  • Volume of works. In the subscriber service all activities are already included in the price;
  • Complexity and specificity of production;
  • Terms of execution of tasks;
  • Professional qualification.

You can view the prices for the service of organizations in «GrandPerfid» on the site. High level of rendering of works, correspondence of specialists' qualifications to the tasks and operative solution of problems within the framework of the current legislation allow us to cooperate with all who have ever addressed us.

Advantages of cooperation with «GrandPerfield»

The company «GrandPerfid» provides legal assistance to maintain and optimize the business of the Republic of Belarus in all the leading areas on the most favorable terms. We provide advice to legal entities and IEs, prepare a set of documents for government bodies and provide comprehensive services to the organization within a specified tariff. We offer:

  • Transparent and clear scheme of work;
  • Non-standard solution of the most difficult tasks;
  • Focus on quick and effective results;
  • Providing a set of measures for the specified direction «turnkey»;
  • Privacy and security of personal data;
  • Individual approach and full immersion in the order.

You can contact the leading specialist at any time convenient for you. We are always happy to help and suggest the right solution to the problem. You can leave an application for cooperation in the form of feedback on our website or call us by phone.